Party of One

“Party of One”, a video artwork from the archive made by Michelle Murphy on Valentine’s Day of 2001 in Cleveland.

In 1994 I meticulously painted an anatomically correct heart for a boyfriend who was ashamed by its gore.

On Valentine’s Day in 2001, I took myself on a series of dates (alone) and made this video work in the lighting studio at the Cleveland Institute of Art.I captured the tape this morning, 20 years later.

*This work has been adapted for virtual Valentine’s Day 2021. To accompany this post, their Internet public is invited to personally commission love notes or to forever remain in the artist’s brain, filed under folder: 2021: subfolder Party of One: subfolder: fluxus: titled “MMMurphy_best_intentions_02-14-2021.pdf” scroll down to see more of this work and to order your own PARTY OF ONE: LOVE LETTER from the Artist.


During this period I made minimum wage at the Nature Co. selling fossils, plastic planetariums, world music CDs, and telescopes, to white collar workers, tourists, and the occasional celebrity. Not in LA or NYC but in downtown Cleveland, I met Carol Kane. Kane was surprised how intensely I was responding to her as B-MOVIE star role of Office Killer Directed by Cindy Sherman. “Now thAAAAt’s a Sssspecial Movieeeee for you to have SEEEN, I will tell SSssssssCindy how you liiiiiike IT!” Kane spoke-sang-schrill with her voice.She gave me a FREE ticket to see her in “the Vagina Monologues”. I showed up after work, dressed in my best outfit: a long blood red polyester jacket and a shiny black dress, modest length like for a ball. My color scheme so appropriate, it was embarrassing; I matched the performers exactly. I learned more about my body that night than I did bending over in a mirror, or from Mom, or grandma DeSales before she passed. 


pink, red, white

the status quo

unskilled modern dance

un-modern dance 

the expectations of femininity

car interior steamed-up windows

the research graphs of Clareese Hill


cuddling Susan Sontag

tap dance




the imperfect body

pollen anywhere

loving myself

call waiting

radio tower prompt from Jessica Baer

zoom with Britney and a feather

birth control

making art in lieu of a date

video art by Alex Bag

Shirley Temple 

Little Orphan Annie

Anais Nin

Mary Magdalene 

Tracy and the Plastics (Wynne Greenwood)

“On the Campaign Trail with Joan Jett Blakk!”

Le Tigre





a scold from Peaches

Chicks on Speed

naturexxx by Eliza Fernand

pixel smear, pap smear


fucking an Astronaut on Earth

Robin Deacon’s lecture performance with super8

HOLE “Doll Parts”

grey pubic hair

My Meteorite by Harry Dodge

the bee girl 



art for a pig by Andrew Norman Wilson

Maneater by Daryl Hall and John Oates 

Bjork “It’s Oh So Quiet”

masks touching

alien finger

ALL DAY by Girl Talk


Frances Ha (film)

Cetusss’ humor

dances by Amanda Maraista

five year conversation with Claire Frost


Sally Tatnall and Pre-Term

Dr. Elizabeth Bly’s voice

Maria’s tattoos and reasons for having them

Noa/h’s poems

the blur of hustle in Chris Mason’s photographs

orchids and butoh by Mitsu Salmon

a text link from Hannah

Mallorie Freeman’s chocolate lips

Sarah Paul’s dance with a My Little Pony

Rebekah Wilhelm’s secrets

a color song by Chelsea

Jameson’s laugh


a calming conversation with Catherine

Pia’s balance of tough and gentle

Warhol’s black book

the earth in MK’s work

an aging hormonal IUD

sonic orgasm

AnnaKiss off-the-grid

black roses

Today is the perfect day to overshare, to tell someone that you love them and why. To look people in their dominant eye. To stroke the inside of your cheek with your tongue. To fall, to bruise your knees.To hide intensity in cupid’s arrow in plain sight.

<3  + + + + + + + + + + 


  • You may be involved, single, a-sexual, poly, of any gender or non-binary or non-conforming fluidity.
  • My notes will refer to the incredible cerebral being and community constellations you have fostered and shared.
  • I may review your online mirage before composing a personalized love note.
  • As we only interact now in pixels, these notes will omit any irrelevant body-related commentary.
  • I will mean everything I write.
  • I will hand write the note myself.
  • You may re-read it.
  • You may recycle it if your city still can afford to export it.
  • Write to me with your Address send $10 (postage cost included)
  • via Venmo @ Michelle-Marie-Murphy or Paypal: missmichellemurphy@ gmail

In purchasing a PARTY FOR ONE: LOVE NOTE, you consent to one written intimate interaction with the artist. You may commission this note as a gift but may be asked follow up questions if the artist is 2 or more degrees of social App separation from the love recipient.