National Park & Missile Range Tourism

Performance for Camera, COMPOSITE IMAGE image from video stills manually stitched together in Photoshop to show the lapse of time and space, digital chromogenic print,
“Spread Out, Tuck and Roll” endurance performances and video (see below) at White Sands National Monument & Missile Range; (pictured here) composite photograph 2019, MMM seen here in a green chroma key stunt man jumpsuit, tumbling a large tumbleweed, an invasive species, westward and left into the frame of the sublime white gypsum dune landscape that has ripples in the “sand” like the bottom of the Ocean if global warming dried up our oceans. This is a performance or ritual of warning at a site of tourism. The performances were witnessed by 6 or more small groups of people often sledding on the dunes or taking selfies of themselves, as well as one park ranger.


In the summer and fall of 2019, I carried out endurance performances at White Sands National Park and Missile Range. These unsanctioned performances were witnessed by tourists and park rangers as I performed for them while shooting myself with a still and video camera.
The sun was direct and reflected off the gypsum dunes. There were high winds and temperatures exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). As I became my own “stunt double” or stunt solo in a green chroma key suit, I manually tumbled my body holding tightly to a large tumbleweed above my head. I rolled westward across the crushed and uneven gypsum dunes for 4-5 hours a day. The land was dangerously remote, extremely dry, and without cell phone signal. It became disorienting due to the heat and reflective quality of the gypsum “sand”. Taking many breaks was necessary for water, snacks, and to resettle my eyeballs after the sun-strobe afterimage effects. The dunes create low visibility which makes it difficult to see the horizon line, and high winds erase all of my footprints. It was challenging to re-find my car, venturing too far in the stunning 224 miles of designated park.

Several plants qualify as tumbleweeds (also called “wind witches”). They are invasive unwanted plants, a symbol in Western films of an absurd declaration: and awkward silence, a bad joke, a dual between two characters, and most interestingly for me…an opportunity to perform for the camera and to reflect on another cycle of land misuse. Tumbleweeds are emblematic of the Dust Bowl or “Dirty 30s”: severe drought, agricultural depression, all due to unethical and misinformed social and agricultural practices on the stolen land, migratory Tularosa Basin of the Apache people, and Mescalero Apache people.

These land misuses continue as White Sands was re-designated in December 2019 by the US Government Trump Administration from the status of National Monument to National Park. This determined additional “use” of the land with a significantly increased budget and infrastructure for even more missile testing. This will create developments in satellites, Space travel, more death weapons, and more pollution for the people in New Mexico. 

Extinction of Recycling on Earth

POINT OF VIEW EXTREME SPORTS CAMERA, Performance for Camera, site specific performances for camera at a defunct Recycling Plant in Cleveland Ohio,


MMM wears a “movie production pro-sumer quality stunt man green chroma key suit, with a cheap green plastic sled, and attempts dystopic extreme sports sledding on a 1/2 processed unfossilized mound of broken glass which will never be processed as the ENTIRE RECYCLING PROGRAM ENDED IN CLEVELAND INDEFINITELY, a premonition of the extinction of recycling programs all over the United States importers of trash do not want to process it, or will not process the low quality sorting that Americans provide in their bins, and as cities can no longer afford the inflation of the cost to export and process their waste. Ironically the BLUE BINS are still in use in Cleveland to fool consumers into feeling good as both their recycling and trash gets delivered to the same garbage dump for the foreseeable future.

Astronaut Training, United Center front sidewalk

Extending for Equilibrium, performances for camera in front of the United Center, Chicago IL, the United Center is aptly funded by United Airlines as MMM “trains” to become less gravity-bound at the site of sports mania and the performance of exceptional American heroes the Chicago Bulls, MMM was kicked off the sidewalk after a few relays by a Security Guard that kindly asked them and their peer assisting their work Jeremy Handrup to leave. What is allowable behavior in seemingly celebratory public sites (of consumerism)?
performance, performance art, photography, athlete, athleticism, astronaut, astronaut training, Space Program, elite, elitism, body performance
“Extending for Equilibrium”, performance for camera, digital chromogenic print
Astronaut Training at the United Center, using a professional sports training tiny resistance parachute meant to make running on Earth more difficult therefore building muscles and burning body fat more quickly.

Wearing a simulated astronaut flight suit, I run many relays back and forth along the front façade of the United Center in Chicago. The wind spastically controls the patterns of quick flights and descents of this tiny parachute strapped around the equator of my stomach. The parachute chosen for this performance was marketed to athletes for improving their resistance training. On my body it is more legible as an umbilical tether or a poetic and futile attempt to lift my body towards the atmosphere. My audience is mostly composed of the drivers of fast moving vehicles zipping by me on this cold day in October.

This gravity-bound exploration is one of several interdisciplinary works on the topic of elitism and exclusivity of space. My work is informed by over a decade of working as a public relations photographer for NASA, from 2004 until 2015. What has changed or improved in the accessibility of space or of scientific research data now since twelve white men walked on the Moon? How can I, as an individual artist, simulate or create dissonance between the canonized, solitary, white male Explorer?

“Eluding Gravity” performance for camera as an unsanctioned Astronaut Trainee, extreme sports flyboarding at Miami Biscayne, digital chromogenic print

Alien Re-visitation to Roswell New Mexico, United States During a Global Pandemic Lockdown 2020

ZOOM SCREEN CAPTURE, Performance for Camera via Zoom during global pandemic lockdown, New Mexico, April 2020, MMM wears a black button down shirt, alien monster gloves, an alien mask, and a self massage contraption that has a uterus-like shape with 2 fake golf balls attached for pressure-point focused massages, a voice changer was used through the microphone shown here
a further away view showing the makeshift home studio utilized in lockdown, when even going to a studio seemed incredibly unsafe, New Mexico April 2020, I perform as an alien coming back from Roswell only to find out how disappointingly colonized the Wild West has become in 2020. I am holding a dozen red roses as self recognition of my accomplishments. This is to embody the siloed disposition I found myself in, not unlike many humans on Earth during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Physical Edit to the Space History at the Adler Planetarium

performance for camera, unsanctioned physical edits to photographic museum displays at the Adler Planetarium
Performance for Camera, MMM does a series of unsanctioned photo editing performed for tourists in real life (IRL), at the Adler Planetarium, PHYSICALLY SUPERIMPOSING MY BODY OVER THE MERCURY ASTRONAUTS DISPLAYS TO REVISION THE ARCHIVE IRL, MMM was photographed by tourists which were unclear of MMM’s identity as Astronaut, Educator, Artist, or Neuro-divergent Person. IN HONORING THE MERCURY 13 WOMEN WHO WOULD HAVE BECOME ASTRONAUTS, BUT WERE NOT CHOSEN FOR THE ASTRONAUT CORPS IN THE 1960s DUE TO SEXISM, A SPECIAL CONGRESSIONAL HEARING TOOK PLACE AFTER JOHN GLENN’s FIRST ORBIT.
Gravity-Bound Explorer Performances for Camera including: Astronaut Training, Exploration, and Revisioning the History Displays, Chicago, IL


Alien Boudoir Self Portrait Photograph, MMM performs for the camera in a *almost* tiled whirlpool tub in a cheap Hotel in Roswell, New Mexico 2021

Afterlife in Zoomtopia

Desktop performance for camera background, a screen capture of my active desktop during Zoom exhibitions in April of 2021, this was the site of where artistic based research was shared with Hibernation Station in CANADA and for anyone logged on from the Internet highway, the lower right image shows MMM as a human character visiting the space (a performance as a viewer amongst the actual viewers), MMM is also in the “executive” office chair, much like the furniture MMM’s Pop-pop sold to potentially help hide or launder money for the Irish mob in Cleveland from the 1960s through the 1990s providing the temporary housing for the rearing of MMM during their formative years.