Origins & Exploration

12 white American men have walked on the Moon.
Space exploration continues without adequate diversity. 
Congress redefines human life as beginning with fertilization, cloning, or its equivalent.
Population multiplies without trust or access to care.
Despite this, the planet warms.
And the   u  n  i  v  e  r  s  e   is expanding.

Working through the performative, the iconic, and the indexical…I make interdisciplinary work about body + space. As I create this work, I recall aesthetics within my experiences over a decade as a photographer for NASA. The references that I work with are rooted in power politics in American history (Space, our origin story, exploration) and within hierarchies of artistic production (aesthetics, grids, ready-mades). By mixing forms of art & methods for examining science, I seek to open pathways to lesser known histories. My point of view is political, so I often perform as an awkward avatar in the work. Imaging awkwardness and failure is a strategy to disrupt the perfect grids, sharp focus, and competitive nature of capitalist systems.