Spread Out Tuck and Roll

“Spread Out, Tuck and Roll” endurance performances and video (see below) at White Sands National Monument & Missile Range; (pictured here) composite photograph 2019

In the Summer and Fall of 2019, I did several days of endurance performances at White Sands National Monument and Missile Range. The performances at this site specific location were witnessed by incidental viewers (tourists and park rangers) as I performed for still and video cameras. The sun was direct and seemingly reflected in all directions, temperatures exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit (100°F or 38°C), as I became my own “stunt double” in a green screen suit, tumbling a tumbleweed. The final video(shown below) is installed with a real tumbleweed suspended from the ceiling and a series of photographs.

single channel video with sound (running time 5:05): https://vimeo.com/378848218