Getting Happy

Getting Happy – a public art laboratory  is created for a public space, the Metropolitan at the 9 Hotel (in Cleveland, Ohio) was the project premiere. During a 4-month duration residency it became an evolving test-site of gestures, meditations, and imagery investigating the ideas and products of happiness.  Various participatory gestures are planned for a public audience including body language and party favors to photograph and shoot video of.

This work is participatory, YOU are welcome to come and participate in Getting Happy!

On site I create a lighting studio environment, then I photograph and videotape visitors giving me their input on personal happiness, smiling exercises, and making party favors come-to-life.  This footage is then looped in many videos that I will have on display.  As my artwork builds, more party favors and imagery will be exhibited in the space.

In Getting Happy, the process of creating the artwork becomes part of the final exhibited work.   An audience is imperative ~ they become both the model and the viewer of the performative photo + video series.