Michelle Murphy

Michelle Murphy (they/them) is a visual & performance artist based in Chicago, Illinois. Their work revises exclusionary histories surrounding the “American Dream”. (For full bio link here). 

Michelle Murphy, artist, Michelle Marie Murphy, New Mexico, Chicago, alien, desktop performance, video art, astronaut, SpaceX, Space Force, Big Bang, telephone, cell phone, hard drive, southwest, Capital building, 2021, pandemic, Aztec, hotel, pyramid, Marriot, Albuquerque, capitalism, boss, queer, lady boss, mini fridge

“Afterlyfe in Zoomtopia” desktop performances, where I created a virtual navigation space for Pandemic timesharing with audiences in 2021 

“Spread Out, Tuck, and Roll” endurance performance and performances for camera at White Sands National Park and Missile Range 2019 (click on image for video and related work)


“Going Forward Back” photographic-stop-motion poem, public projection 2020 (click on image for video and related work)


performance, performance art, photography, athlete, athleticism, astronaut, astronaut training, Space Program, elite, elitism, body performance

“Extending for Equilibrium”, endurance performance at the United Center, 2017 (click image for video and statement)


Michelle Murphy, performance, Lake Michigan, the gaze, sunbathing, bikini, astronaut, space exploration, beach, slap stick, space blanket, exploration, survival, apocalypse, swim, beached whale, feminism, queer, art, artist,

“Gravity-Bound Exploration” endurance performance and video, 2017 (click on image to view this body of work)


“Post Disney Depression” photographs of mermaid training endurance performance, laminated and submerged in fish tanks containing genetically modified GloFish(TM) with asphalt, real bleached coral from Miami Beach, and coal slag from the Midwest, 2018 (click on image for video and more related work)


Michelle Murphy, artist, Michelle Marie Murphy, New Mexico, science, art, sci-art, video art, installation, feminism, birth, cosmos, Big Bang, Big Bang theory, Chicago, dark matter, queer, performance art, camp, campy, rainbow, deity, goddess, thighs, menstruation, birth, power, born, crowning

“Big Bang Birth”, video installation, 2016 (click on image for video)


Michelle Murphy, art, exhibition, Chicago, Cleveland, photography

“Perceptual Beauty” series, perceptual art, photographs of make-up, installed for solo exhibition 2016 (click on image to view photographs in this series)


nature, bio art, eyelashes, pine needles, the body, art, photography, collaboration, New York, Hudson Valley, Adirondacks, upstate, beauty, identity, evolution

“Pine Needle Eye Lashes” photograph with temporary nature body modification, 2013 (click on image to view more in this series of photographs)


“Without a Screen: a Mirror, a Filter” photographic series, 2017-2020 (click on image to view more photographs in this series)