Michelle Murphy

is an Artist, Lecturer, and Independent Curator based in Chicago with frequent visits to NYC, Cleveland, and Miami.

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Murphy works to revise the exclusionary historical landscape of science and exploration. Her/Their lens-based and performance work encompasses the nature of futility and spectacle. Murphy performs in public locations with gestural shifts to common, expected, or even suggested demographic or behaviors. Similarly, Murphy demonstrates a contrast between aesthetics and functionality of consumer objects – employing lighting, optical effects, or durational changes. Spectacle in Murphy’s work is counter-balanced with humor and gestures of futility by (over)extending the corporeal body, use of props and costumes, and when Murphy demonstrates the inadequacies of consumer objects. It is notable that she/they accumulated first-hand experience with science pedagogy and PR methodology from within the American Space Program as a photographer for NASA (2004-2015). Important themes for Murphy are: Utopic space, human rights, Big Bang, birth, Anthropocene, lens-based history, Space exploration and the extraterrestrial. Murphy’s research orbits around those omitted from popularized narratives.

Murphy earned a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a New Artist’s Society Fellow (2017) and a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Murphy has participated in several artist’s residencies including: Mana Contemporary Miami, SITELAB at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Elsewhere (Greensboro, NC). Murphy’s interdisciplinary work has been exhibited in NYC, Paris, Switzerland, Guatemala City, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Cleveland and throughout the Midwest. Murphy co-curates the art and culture publication MAKE8ELIEVE with Cetusss (Swiss Artist + Designer).